Sunday Around Here

Today was Sunday, normally a pretty laid back day around here and today was about the same. Lots of getting stuff done around the house and catching up on my DVR recordings. This morning I made my (only on the weekends) deluxe breakfast for the kiddos. I love making big, yummy breakfasts every weekend. Each person has their favorites so it is a lot of work sometimes but its all good! This morning was omelets for my son and homemade sausage kolaches for my daughter. Since I was stuck in the house yesterday I did not get to go grocery shopping (my most dreaded chore). There was ice on the roads yesterday and it was just not worth it to go out.

So I had to go today, and going to the grocery store on a Sunday around here is like gearing up for battle. I have several stores within driving distance to choose from but they all are packed on a Sunday with crazy people! Ask me why does a family of 5 or more need to all go to the store together? Needless to say it was crowded and the parking lot was no better…ugh. Ok, rant over. I really wish online grocery shopping & delivery was available from my local stores.

Now, what made my day was the delicious dinner I made after I got back from the store. It was a roast beef and all the trimmings kind of dinner with cake for dessert. I always know it is good if the kids go back for 2nd and then oh wait 3rd’s! That makes me a happy momma! So now it is evening time and the dreaded “M” word is looming. It is back to work and school tomorrow. And back to rushed breakfast and somewhat rushed dinners. Oh well, I savor the time I have on the weekends and would not change a thing except maybe to have 3 day weekends, sounds good right?

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