Things I notice now…that I did not notice when I was younger

Is it just me or do you find yourself noticing different things more as you grow older?

These are things that would have gone unnoticed before but I pay attention to them now. I think it also has a whole lot to do with being a parent as well, but not completely. Here is my list of things I notice more now as I grow older. I hope you can relate.

  1. The weather is important to me now, I watch it like a hawk! And I have umbrellas stashed everywhere. If only I had paid attention to the forecast when I was younger it would have saved me some really bad hair days!
  2. World news, I stay on top of the news for the most part. I have to admit it is very depressing and sometimes makes me wonder what kind of world did I bring my children into. But I feel it is important for me to be aware of what is going on, good or bad.
  3. Other people’s kids, if I hear a baby cry I automatically look to see what is wrong. Or if someone says “Mom” my head turns immediately, it is second nature now.
  4. People leaving their children alone in stores or letting them walk alone outside when they look too young. I even notice when I see what looks like an abandoned bike. I worry that someone’s child was taken.
  5. The time is important to me now. I watch the clock all the time, there are schedules to keep and meetings to get to on time. I leave in enough time to get somewhere. When I was younger I only paid attention to the time something started not how long it would take me to get there.
  6. Age, I notice what age looks like on other women. Especially women my age or older, I look to see if my hands are aging the same as theirs or does my skin look the same, do we have the same lines on our face.
  7. I  notice labels and I pay attention to where and how something was made. I want to know what is in the food I am eating or feeding to my children. I want to know where the things I buy are made. When I was younger I don’t remember caring about those things.
  8. Beauty in the scenery of life. I now notice beautiful sunrises, lovely cloud formations, the way the flowers bloom and wither in and out of the seasons. I see the beauty in the world and slow down to absorb it all.
  9. My inner voice, the one that speaks to me when I am about to do something really stupid or dangerous. I stop and listen to it now as it guides me in the right direction.

All of these things have come to me with age and some with maturity. I would love to hear about the things you notice more now as we grow older! Blessings!

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