The Joy A Child Brings

It has been many years since my children were small enough to hold in my arms but the memories of those first moments still linger in my mind as if it was just yesterday. Those moments I will cherish forever. The moments spent rocking them to sleep, singing lullabies, looking into their beautiful eyes that are in awe of the world around them.

I don’t think most of us truly realize pure joy until you look at and hold your precious baby and know they are yours. God has placed this gift in your hands. Or when you see the smile of a toddler or hear their lovely giggles. You catch a glimpse of them smiling and you can truly feel your heart glowing, it is so joyful. I have found this to be so true over and over again. A parent’s love for their child is like no other love. You can’t quite explain it; there is no way to measure it or even accurately describe it.

I know that not all parents must automatically have this natural love or there would not be any children who are abandoned. But those of us who have experienced it can speak to what they are missing out on. My children have truly brought joy and happiness to my life. It’s as if you live with part of your being outside of yourself. And you are watching it grow and evolve and that is good, it’s supposed to happen that way but at the same time you just want to put them in a bubble that you can watch over and protect. You can’t fathom the thought of them being hurt or afraid. You would do the unthinkable to protect them, you would do whatever it takes as a parent.

That is only a glimpse into the deep well that is a parent’s love for their child. Children are a precious gift and should be cherished, nurtured and should always know and feel that they are loved above all else. They are a beautiful gift from God and he has chosen to put them in our care so we cannot take that gift lightly. I pity those parents who don’t choose to have a relationship with their own child, how sad of a person they must be to freely reject God’s most precious gift. I think those that do that will have the deepest regrets someday.

But for myself I have found unimaginable, indescribable joy in being a mother of my two most precious gifts from God, my precious son and daughter. Pure love, pure joy!

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