A New Plan

I was listening to a show on TV about how we get caught up on things that don’t go as planned in our lives and it really got me thinking about this topic…..I hope you can relate.

There are so many times in life that things don’t go as we planned. We have to know when to let go of the current dream or vision that we had for our lives. In those times I think we have to allow ourselves to come up with a new plan. We can’t allow ourselves to get so caught up in our hope for the original plan that we don’t realize it is ok to come up with another one. A new plan that fits where you are in your life right now at this stage. I don’t think it means that we have failed in any way, I believe that if it did not work out it was not meant to be and there is something else that is better or more right for us.

We can have many new plans in our lives when we have to change our path and chart a new course. The new plans are due to life’s changes. When we made the original plan life was a certain way but things change and situations change so we have to be willing to alter our original plans.

I think back to the plan I thought I would have for my own life and it certainly did not work out the way I had imagined and planned. I never thought I would be a single parent raising two children alone, yet alone being ok with that. I never thought I would be divorced for this long and still be alone or as my son jokingly says “forever alone”. But in the meantime I have to say my life has evolved just fine. I went to college and received my degree long after I thought that was possible and I have worked my way a little up the ladder at work and have established a career for myself. It’s not all what I had imagined but still great! Now my plan has evolved, my vision and dreams are different than I first thought they would be so many years ago.

Once we finally allow ourselves to be ok with a new plan we will see how it fits and how although we would have never known years ago that this was going to be our plan but as life evolves we have grown into a new and better plan.

Love your life as it is and ask yourself is it time to let go of old plans that just don’t fit anymore?

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