Music Throughout My Life

I can’t remember a time when music was not part of my life. And I mean from all different genres. I don’t have a favorite because I love them all..well almost. It is amazing how a song from a particular band or artist can transplant you back to another place or moment in time. It is as if they grow up and grow old with you.

I can hear George Strait and suddenly I am back at the concert hall that I saw him in or driving on a back road with the windows down in my high school years or depending on the song, it could take me back to my wedding day (Cross My Heart) . Those songs are the stories of my life. Then I hear Reba and I am reminded of my big hair days in the late 80’s and early 90’s. I remember loving her music and her feisty attitude. I hear Olivia Newton John and I remember hers was the first vinyl record that I ever bought. I can remember the way I felt listening to her music and being mesmerized. I knew all the words even though I was probably too young to really know what they meant.

A Bon Jovi song can take me back to prom night. I can hear the theme song (Never Say Goodbye) from our prom playing and remember the red dress I was wearing. Some songs take you back to dark places and tough times, for instance Nothing compares to You by Sinead O’ Conner or You are Beautiful by James Blunt. When I hear those songs I can remember the pain of failed relationships or difficult times.

Hearing Donna Summers (Hot Stuff) reminds me of fun times spent dancing the night away. Hearing Garth Brooks (Friends in Low Places) reminds me a of car ride with a group of girlfriend’s in high school. Gosh I miss those times.

My love of music has never changed, just the way I listen to it. From 8- tracks and vinyl records when I was very little to tapes and then CD’s in high school and after. Now it is streaming online or on my Sirius radio in my car. It is still playing throughout my life….

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