Life Without Limits

Our own Limits

When I was younger I thought I had limits to what I could accomplish or who I could become. I thought that if you lived here than you had to do only that (however unappealing that was), meaning that there were specifics and limitations involved. Most people think that if they are born into a less than wealthy family that they have limits on what they can accomplish or expect out of this life. Maybe we have been told by our parents not to expect too much. Or maybe we were born and raised in an area that is considered way out in the middle of nowhere and nobody is going there! We might think that we are limited as to what we can expect for the future.

Releasing Limits

We need to break free from the limitations we put on our own life and our own circumstances. Whoever you are, wherever you were raised and from whatever family you come from it does not mean that you have to be limited. Don’t be limited in your thoughts, hopes or dreams. Aspire to be great, do new and challenging things, break free from the limits of geography or past generations of mediocrity or lost hope.

Decide that today wherever you are at in this life that you will be whomever you are meant to be and dream big. What gifts has God blessed you with? Don’t waste them, use them and breakaway from any barriers holding you back. Step outside of the box, look beyond your zip code and aspire to be anything you want to be. Life has no limits and these days anything is possible if you can just envision it.

Start today. Show the world that you can have a life without limits.

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