Peace Within

Many years go I was going though a difficult time in my life. I couldn’t quite put into words what I needed or what I thought was missing. I made one not so good choice after another, each time hoping it was going to work out even though I knew deep down it was not my path. My heart has always been good and in the right place but I still felt turmoil within. It wasn’t until probably my mid 20’s that I overheard a conversation about finding peace and what that meant and felt like. That is when I realized that is what I had been longing for all this time. It wasn’t riches or success or even the perfect romantic relationship. I needed to know what peace felt like, away from the consequences of my bad choices and the clatter that was non-stop in my own head. I needed to breathe and just be ok.

I began my quest for peace within and although it has been a long road I can say that now I can find peace in most any situation. I believe it all starts with our own thoughts, being in tune with the voice in our heads and knowing when to turn it off or change it when it is not producing loving and kind thoughts. It is knowing when to allow ourselves just to be still and it is the knowing that “all is well”, “everything will be ok”.

This does not mean that we will never have adversity or challenges but having peace allows you to be able to better deal with those things as they come up. During those times listen to your own heart and have compassion for yourself. Know that others may be dealing with the same problem and have compassion for them as well. Know that you are not alone in it.

There are a great number of spiritual teachers or pastors that could probably better explain it. But in my heart I now know that peace comes from within. No matter what situation we are facing we can have peace in any given moment, even the difficult ones. I have learnt not to worry about tomorrow. This moment is all we truly have. We have to find our focus and center ourselves, making each day the most productive, positive and peaceful time possible. Learn to laugh, learn to explore, love and be kind, be child like when you have the opportunity.

I love how the practice of Buddhism is centered around mindfulness, compassion and love. We can learn a lot from their practices even if we follow another religion. Finding peace within ourselves will allow that peace to overflow to others around us when we come in contact with them. It is also important to understand that we need time to meditate and focus each day, time to come back to ourselves and shut out the hustle and bustle of the outside world. Focus on your breathing and be still. This may not be easy at first. And this can look different ways to different people. We could spend time in the Word of the Bible or prayer, we could practice a chant or mantra, maybe you write as a form of meditation or maybe you just need total silence.

You deserve to find peace in your life, it is so waiting for you to realize it is there already…..within you.

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