Perception & Judgments…I’m guilty too

I have been thinking a lot today about perception. My own false perception of situations, people and events. I think judgment also has a lot to do with perception. We judge others based on our own perception of people. I am plenty guilty of this as well and I continue to strive to get better in this area of my life. We judge situations based on our own theories of what is happening and what we perceive as our own reasoning. We judge groups based on the actions or speeches of a few rather than the majority.

For example recently I met someone new that I thought would be stuck up and distant. But when I talked to the person I realized I had based my judgment on their appearance and their demeanor and not on what I knew about them which was basically nothing until I got the chance to talk to them. I often wonder what pre-formed judgments people have of me. Do they think because I am a single mother that I am desperate or that I probably don’t have a career. Maybe I chose to be a single mother and desperation is the furthest thing from my truth. They won’t know that until they get to know me.

We also perceive situations to be so very different from what they are. For instance, we might think that because we have been falling behind on our work that will are automatically doomed and that we are going to be the next one out the corporate door. That could be far from the truth. Maybe it could mean that our supervisor would see our efforts and hard work and be understanding of us being behind because they know we are trying our very best. We perceive the worst most of the time and allow our minds to go their and create false worry too much of the time.

We have to stop ourselves from pre-fabricating false perceptions and pre-judgments before we have a chance to learn the whole truth and really see each situation for what it is and other people for who they are. We have all heard the saying that you never know what battle the other person is fighting. So I resolve to think the best of everyone until they prove me otherwise and I am expecting the best out of every situation and won’t allow my self to think otherwise before it is proven.

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