A Sister’s Love

I don’t think there is any other relationship or love quite like that of a sister. I have been blessed to have close relationships with all of my sisters. Throughout the years we have lived close and far apart yet no distance could ever separate us. The link between sisters is hard to describe. You can finish each others sentences, know what the other is thinking with just one look. You stand up for each other and would go to battle for the other if needed. You are two halves of a whole. From the early days of playing dress up to being a teenager and getting ready for dates and dances. Then you stand beside each other for their wedding day, then it is sharing being a mom for the first time and watching your own kids grow. You are there to wipe the tears and may have even caused some of them but you are forever intertwined with hearts so close it cannot be described

Forever love….is a sisters love!

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