Finding Your Life Purpose

“For we are God’s workmanship created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do”.

You and I were created by God with a purpose in mind. If you are still breathing you still have a purpose. If you have life, you have a purpose. You are a person ‘built’ for opportunity, your equipped with the know-how. You are established for a reason, God has you in mind for something specific, he created you with intent. The part of each of us that is seeking meaning and purpose is the part of us that is drawn to hope. Our hope brings us closer to finding our purpose. The bible has many examples of those seeking to find purpose. In 2 Timothy 3:12 Paul’s purpose was knowing Christ, having righteousness obtained through faith in Him, and living in fellowship with Him, even when that brought on suffering.

Don’t miss out on your purpose, don’t pass up any opportunities! We don’t have any assurance or guarantee of another moment in this life. Everyday we have opportunities, in fact just because you have lived that has caused someone else’s life to have been changed forever. We all touch on each other’s lives in different ways. Sometimes you will never even know how you might have changed or spoken into someone else’s life. Just as Bartimus seized his opportunity on Jesus last walk through Jericho to be healed! Bartimus had come upon the opportune time for him, Jesus will sometimes place us in a moment of opportunity.  Watch for those opportunities to come and seize them, don’t pass them up. Change lives, fill a need, hold a hand, walk through fear with someone and live to find your purpose.

And don’t grow weary in seeking and working towards fulfilling your purpose in your life. It will all be worth it when you find it. Also take the time and grasp the opportunity when you see someone else working towards their purpose, speak into their life, encourage them and acknowledge their efforts especially the younger generation.

Seek counsel and guidance in fulfilling his purpose on your life if needed. If you are in a situation , a job, a relationship that you know you were not meant for….move on! Let it go! Press on towards your purpose in life, your place of fulfillment, of opportunity. Don’t stay where you are sure you are not meant to be, don’t be hindered. Move towards where your purpose is. What are you meant to do? Where are you meant to be? If the path you are taking feels uneasy or begins to harm you then you are on a detour, it can’t be your chosen path or purpose. Each of us have to also be true to ourselves, our own being. When you move closer to your purpose you will have that knowing that the soul understands. When you are on the right path, you will have peace in your heart, an understanding in your soul, you will be at ease and comfortable in your path.

God will speak to you if you listen, he wants to guide you, he needs to show you the way. He can use a message, a person, a song to guide you and show you the direction you should go. Pray about it and ask him to lead the way, to open doors, to expose your gifts so you can seize opportunities when you come across them. Don’t miss your chance, be ready when it comes. When you start to realize your purpose in life, you will never be the same, You will be refreshed and move onto greatness that you could not have imagined before. The world you live in will never be the same, you will come to expect life’s opportunities to come to you easily. You will move into the place you were meant to be.

Everyone of us has a purpose, it just may take some longer to realize it than others. If you try something and the door slams shut you will know that was not it, it was not your purpose. Learn to be patient, wait, maybe try new things in an effort to finding your purpose. If a door opens and it feels right and you are at ease then you will know you are on your way to finding your purpose.

We must keep pressing on to find our purpose and our hearts desire and along the way we cannot pass up any opportunities that might be just what we are looking for. It may not be obvious or what you expected but when you are fulfilling your life’s purpose you will finally be at ease and at peace, right where you are meant to be….at last!

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