True Beauty Is Within

I think we all come to a point in life and aging when we realize we are changing. By changing I mean our body can’t move the way it used to, we have aches & pains we have never had before. Our skin is not as smooth and wrinkle free, sometimes I look down and think “who’s hands are these anyway”! My hair although it still looks nice, I can see the white hairs starting to creep in and it seems thinner than before. All of this is vain but it still affects us. I don’t get noticed as much when I walk in a room any longer, probably since I have gained a few pounds that for the life of me I can’t get rid of. And when I do catch someone’s eye in the back of my head I know he is probably thinking she is pretty but would be so much prettier younger and thinner.

When that happens what I really want to say to the guy is “hey guess what, I am beautiful on the inside” if you just took time to see that. I think true beauty is really all within, it is who I am when nobody is watching, it is the way I love my two kids, it is the love I have for my beautiful mom and sisters. True beauty is my love and devotion for Jesus and my desire to please him. It can be found in the words of my prayers.

True beauty is in the tears that I cry for those that are hurting or less fortunate. The way that I look for people that I can help or the way I show my appreciation and give random compliments all the time. Those that have taken the time to get to know me would see the true beauty within. I long to have that connection with someone but if they only judge from the outside first of all they are not the right person for me but second of all will I ever find the one who is? I think I am a true beauty from inside out and it has taken me many years to realize this, maybe that is a sign of maturity. I hope someday someone else will see it too. And I hope I can be brave enough to look for the true beauty within others too, without doing so I would miss out on a world of beauty and love I might not have ever known.

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