Waiting On Love

This thought has crossed my mind a lot lately…what if I never find true love?

To be honest I am content with being alone right now. But if I am really honest with myself I know that it would be nice to have someone to share my dreams and experiences with. Someone I can talk to about my day, someone to look forward to waking up with each morning. It would be nice to have someone take me out to dinner or to a movie, someone that would pamper me and make me feel special, someone to protect me. To have a partner that I can love and encourage, help him accomplish his dreams, someone that I can be proud to have as part of our family. Someone that I can completely trust with my whole heart.

But what if I never find that, what if that kind of love eludes me the rest of my days?  What if my soul mate never crosses my path? What if he does and I miss it? I don’t think there is anything wrong with being alone if that is what makes you happy. But if you long for love then it is like a voice inside your head that is always whispering, where are you? It is like a song that is waiting to be sung, a dream that needs to come true. It is a longing of the soul that needs to be fulfilled. And I don’t want just any love, I want true love and I will wait for it. I want the kind of love that grows as you get older, that deepens through the trials, the love that does not need words, it is the souls speaking to each other, it is a glance across the room or a quick kiss as you walk by the river. It is an embrace that you never want to let go. It is the feeling that you are home in each others arms.

Sometimes I wonder if it sounds too wonderful to ever come true, maybe I am wishing on a star that doesn’t exist.

But I choose to believe so I will wait for you my love, wherever you are, whoever you are!

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