Choosing Contentment

Have you ever been in a situation or place that you did not desire, it is not the best for you. Maybe you are not where you thought you would be at this point in life. It’s not how you would have imagined.  Maybe you do not feel like you belong there or can stand to be there much longer.

Have you ever heard the phrase “bloom wherever you are planted”?

I have to repeat this to myself whenever I have the tendency to get down about my circumstances or surroundings. I know that in whatever circumstance that I find myself in, I have to learn to be content with it and keep moving forward. Maybe it is not the ideal situation and maybe it is only for a limited time. But during that time I refuse to let it steal my joy. We have to learn to be content while in any circumstance. That does not mean that we cannot be trying to better our circumstance. But while we are there we can learn to be content and not let it destroy our happiness. Don’t let it steal your peace. Choose to be content.

Decide to make the best of it and be your best self while there. Bloom right where you are planted!

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