You are Enough

There is nothing lacking, nothing missing and nothing you need in order to be considered enough. You are enough just the way you are. You are an original, one of a kind; there is no other exactly like you. Never try to emulate others; you were created to be your own person with God given gifts that were meant for only you. When you want to be like someone else or copy someone else you are doing a disservice to yourself. It is an attack on who you are as a person to be anything other than who you are.

Don’t you realize how special you are? You are perfectly made and designed by our creator. It is fine to surround yourself with mentors or people who you look up to so that you can learn from them. But do not desire to be just like them, for you are your own person and you are absolutely enough! Each person is given their own traits, own personalities, own physical characteristics and own talents. Your talents won’t be like any others exactly and theirs won’t be like yours and that is perfectly fine. This is the way it should be as each person is unique and special in that way. You are enough sweet one!

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