The Prayer That Never Ends

1 Thessalonians 5:17-18 Pray continually. Give thanks in all circumstances.

It is early in the morning and the alarm goes off, it is 6:45 again and the dread hits me but in an instant that dread is overtaken by gratitude. I woke up! That means that God still needs me here on earth. Before my feet touch the ground I pray and give thanks for allowing me to rise again and for the day that is ahead of me. As I am driving in the car on my morning commute to work I turn off the radio and it is my time with the God and hundreds of other cars on the roadways but in my car it is just me and God. I start with the Lord’s Prayer each day, it is a sacred time for me. I pray about the day ahead and for the needs of each family member. I also pray for whoever else God puts on my heart that morning. Sometimes before I know it I will be already at the exit for work and I never even turned on the radio. I can be a little long winded sometimes, sorry about that God. It is not that I have a long list but I have to give praise and thanks again and again. He has blessed me in so many ways that man cannot see or know.

Then at each meal I give thanks again to the Lord and to those who have prepared it. If it was me then I simply thank God for providing. I love to be in the Lord’s presence, there is an indescribable bond, a comfort knowing that the Father hears our words and is listening to even the simplest prayer. We could simply say “thank you” and that would be enough. There have been times at work I will stop what I am doing and go pray anywhere I can (yes the bathroom has had to suffice a time or two). Maybe it was because I was going through a difficult ordeal and I needed strength or maybe I received good news and he was the one I needed to thank! After all you know that each victory, each promotion although it comes through man I believe it is a blessing from the Lord, possibly an answered prayer.

Then in the evening before I lay down I stop to give thanks in prayer again. I know that he guided me and my children through our days, he was our protector and provider. I thank him for all that he has done for me and my family. I pray for a good and safe night’s sleep. I end the day with complete gratitude. I love the ongoing prayers I have with Him. I am thankful for them although it may seem silly to some people. It is like having a best friend to talk to at any minute, someone to ask any question to and if I am quiet and still enough He may give me the answers that I am searching for. So thankful for the prayers that never end….

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