Look For The Helpers

Let’s face it, the world can seem really mean and violent these days. Of course there is the devastation that comes naturally from disasters but I am also talking about the kind of meanness that comes from the devastation we inflict on each other. You can hardly turn on the news anymore, it is heart wrenching and sometimes just depressing and scary! I ask myself how people can be so cruel or hurt others the way that they do. How can people steal or destroy property without even hesitating? How can they ruin lives without a second thought? So many tragedies occurring on the human life all the time, all over the world.

But, in the mist of all the evil doers, I choose to believe that there are more good people than bad. That there is still plenty of love and compassion to go around. I believe that good still prevails in almost any situation. I have heard it said many times that when something horrible happens instead of focusing on the event instead “look for the helpers”. It is good to point them out to your children.

Who is coming forward to help, who is stepping up to lend a hand, who is fighting with you against whatever atrocity of the moment has occurred? Who is volunteering, devoting their time, who jumps into the fire without thinking twice about themselves? Who sees an accident and runs toward it instead of looking the other way? Who is just giving someone a hug and showing them compassion and comforting them? Who is helping to rebuild what has been destroyed? Who overhears a bully and steps in to defend someone they may not even know?

We all know there are heroes that wear uniforms but I am talking about the typical citizens of the world. Those that are not getting paid to step up or help out, those that do so with a willingness with nothing to gain and without hesitation. Those are the helpers. Look for them in every situation and you’ll be surprised how many there are. God bless the “helpers” of the world.

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