The Importance of a Vision for Your Life

Would you ever go on a trip with absolutely no idea of where you are going and how you are going to get there? Would you have a baby with no preparation or planning, not buying a thing? I doubt it. Then how can you go through life without a vision or a plan? Forging blindly into each day with no clue why you are doing what you are doing or where you are going. Not knowing what you want to accomplish out of the day or week or month or lifetime. To me that is blind living which might work if you are a retiree and living on a beautiful beach somewhere without any obligations or very little responsibility….oh the life!

But back to reality, most of us need to have a vision for our future and by that I mean goals. They could be short-term goals such as wanting to lose 10 lbs. or wanting to save for a new outfit. But maybe the goals are more long-term, maybe you desire to buy a house in the future and need to make a plan to accomplish that. Maybe you want to move somewhere new and need a plan to make that happen. Regardless of what you desire in the future the surest way of getting there is to have a plan, create a vision in your mind. Imagine how it will feel to accomplish your goal. And write down that plan, keep a journal or a vision board, whatever works best for you. Make sure you look at it each day intentionally. Don’t just write it down and set it aside. Consciously think about your goals each day and look at them. Some people call this manifestation, which is thinking it into being and that the universe can bring into your life anything that you can imagine. I think that can certainly be true in most cases. I also think it is important to pray about your goals and your vision.

Start today, take some time to really think about your goals and the vision that you want for your life. Then write them down or create a vision board or scrapbook to capture images of what those visions look like. If you want a new house, think about that and cut out a picture of a similar house. If you want to find true love, write that down. Take some time to really acknowledge what you want to achieve or what your heart desires for your future.

I believe if you expect manifestations and blessings to happen that they will. But if you never give a thought or any effort towards your future plans or goals how do you expect them to happen? Take some time to focus on your goals, plan them, seek them and visualize them as if they already are. Know what you want and work towards those goals daily and see them come into fruition!

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