Leaving a Legacy

My daughter and I were looking through old photo albums today. She really enjoys seeing pictures of herself, her brother and her cousins as babies and toddlers. She can tell me the story for each picture before I even have the chance to say it anymore. Seeing the pictures brings her great joy and makes me nostalgic. After looking at the last album I started thinking about what my children might remember about me some day. If they don’t have a picture what would my stories say to them? Would they remember how much I adored them and wanted to protect them? Would they remember how I have always taught them to be kind first and not to criticize or judge others without reason? I want them to remember the things I have taught them, like teaching my son to be a gentleman and always treating a lady with respect. Teaching him to be sure of himself and not to say harsh things about himself. I want my daughter to remember she is beautiful just the way she is and that she is good enough just like God created her. For them both to remember always to hold their head high and be full of confidence even if you have to fake it until it comes. Most of all I want them to remember how much they were loved.

I want them both to remember the sacrifices that I willingly made for them, the way in which I worked hard to make a house a home wherever we lived and that there were times that I struggled to make ends meet but they never did go without the necessities. I want them to remember my work ethic and teaching them that if you want something bad enough that hard work and perseverance really does pay off, just stay the course.

I want to leave a legacy for my children, but not just a monetary legacy. I want to leave a legacy of love, hope and faith for them. That they will remember me and still feel the love that I had for them. I hope one day they will go through photo albums with their own children and tell them the stories that go with the pictures and that they will get as much joy from it as I did and it will fill them with hope for their futures. I hope that they have learned that faith is most important and that without it life is just a dull replica. I hope they know that my faith has got me through all these years with them even when it was hard and I just wanted to sit in a corner and cry, which I did sometimes after they were asleep.

I hope they remember my strength to keep pressing forward even when I was doing it all alone and there was no sign of help coming. I hope they know that my help did eventually come…from the Lord, that he was at my side through all the ups & downs and that they can call on him as easily as I did in times of need or just to give thanks. I hope they remember more than the stories from the pictures but that I will leave a legacy on their hearts. One of love, hope and faith. I think that is worth so much more than just a monetary legacy and that legacy will carry on through the generations.

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