Sometimes You Just Need a Minute..or two

Do you ever have one of those days when you just need to take a minute or two for yourself? Life has gotten to the point that you need your space, to be alone, to think, to cry, to pray, to just be. Amidst all the chaos of work, family, friends and obligations we all need that time every now & then. It does not mean that we are losing it or that we all of a sudden have lost all hope. It just means that we need to take a rest, a break, have some alone time even if it is just five minutes to regroup. Maybe we just need to go in a room alone and close the door and just be with our thoughts & feelings or maybe it means taking a long walk or drive by yourself.

And sometimes we really just need a good cry, to curl into a ball and let it all out. The tears can be cathartic in a sense, all the pent up issues, hurts, frustrations and disappointments are allowed to come out, to be released. There are time when we may just need to sit alone with our thoughts and turn them around. Maybe we have noticed that lately we are being too hard on ourselves or maybe we are allowing the negative thoughts take over and we need to get back on track.

Regardless of the reason or how you choose to spend the time the point is that sometimes we all just need a minute or two to ourselves. Then we can get up again, shake off the old, put back on that smile and move along. It’s as if the minute never happened. But it did happen and you are all the better for it, it is like going to a spa for your soul when you allow yourself a minute or two just for you, replenish yourself, refuel and start fresh. Tomorrow will thank you if you just take a minute or two today.


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