The Year of Me

I told myself when I turned 43 this past August that the upcoming year would be the year I started focusing more on myself and my well-being. Not that I will be neglecting my family or other obligations but at some point if you don’t take care of yourself you can no longer continue to take care of others, right? I had long ago stopped caring for myself in the best way possible, always putting myself on the back burner as most moms can relate to and allowing stress to take its toll.

But I made a promise myself to no longer do that as I dive into finding out what makes me happy and healthier. I am focusing on real change within my life, positive changes. And as I am doing this I am also modeling to my kids a good example of what it means to take care of yourself and hopefully I can be a motivation for others as well. I think new habits are hard to instill but the saying is true, if you do something for a few weeks it then becomes habit. I have done this with my eating habits and now it is like second nature to pick better, healthier choices.

I have also done this with exercise, I have come to enjoy my morning or evening walks. I now take the time to enjoy nature and soak in my environment. I am blessed to have some really nice walking trails where I live and along with those come some pretty amazing sunsets. Gosh if I think back to how many sunsets I missed out on before! I don’t think of exercise as punishment any longer, it is a gift I am giving myself because it will keep me healthy longer and it makes me feel stronger and more alive.

I am learning to enjoy reading and writing again as well. I had put those things of joy on the back burner for too long. I apologize to my followers for the long hiatus in between my posts. I let the craziness of life and busyness get in the way but you will be seeing much more from me in the future as I share my new journey with you to a better, happier and healthier me! I hope you come along for the ride!

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