Getting Back Up Again

How many times have you fallen? If you are like me, it might be quite a lot and for multiple different reasons in multiple difference places. Let’s get real, we all fall down at some point. We all fall short of our dreams or goal sometimes; we all make mistakes. And some of us make those same mistakes over and over again as if we are practicing for perfection in falling!

But you know what, that is ok. Because God’s mercy and grace are plentiful. They are renewed each day so you can feel confident that although you may have fallen he won’t let you stay down. The most important thing to remember about falling is simply “getting back up again”. No matter how many times we fall, we have to pick ourselves up and move forward on our path.

And when I am embarking on a new journey or starting some new adventure that I am not sure about I already feel comfortable knowing that if it does not work out and I fall down yet again that I will get right back up even better the next time. I refuse to stay down for long and you don’t have to either. By getting back up again each time we are building strength and wisdom. We are learning (sometimes the hard way) what works and what does not work for us. It is catapulting us to our destiny. Don’t let pride convince you that you are not allowed to fall down. Have the wisdom to build off of those failures by “getting back up again”.

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