There will be some downpours

When I left the office for lunch today, it was so hot outside. My heat in my car was actually stifling when I first got into it. My first thought was, yep this is part of that “hot” summer that everyone has been talking about that is coming this year. I got the AC going and then everything was good and I could enjoy the sunshine.

As I was getting ready to leave work this afternoon it was a whole different story. A storm had come through and it was dark and gray outside. The rain was coming down so hard it sounded like it was pounding against the roof of our three-story office building. The thought of running to my car in the rain and then driving in this storm was frightening. I checked the weather report and even more rain was coming so I knew it was not going to get much better. Umbrella in hand, I made a dash for my car. Once there the rain seemed to get slightly better and I was able to make it safely home, slower than usual but safely.

This made me think about life and the sharp contrasts we have from one moment to the other. There are times of joy and happiness when you forget that anything bad could happen. Then there are the “downpours” when you feel overwhelmed and forget what joy feels like. You wonder how you will make it through.

The common factor in both is that God is with us throughout each of those times, the good and the difficult times. His word says that He is our strength and our refuge. So, there will certainly be some downpours but we will make it through the rain.

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