Feeling Alive

I think some people live this life without truly living this life. I think they get used to the day to day and get nice and cozy in their comfort zone. That could be settled into a mundane job or being confined to live in one place all your life, never trying anything new or taking a chance at something your heart longs for. They are staying in that safe place. Don’t get me wrong, safe feels good sometimes but I don’t think you truly are living in that place, you are just existing there.

Then there are those that relish in the feeling of stepping into the unknown or dare I say the scary places. I think that is where you truly start to come alive. In doing the very things that scare the crap out of you or doing something brand new that you have never been brave enough to do before. The feelings that come with that, heart racing, excitement, fear, adrenaline rushing, maybe even a little trembling but in those moments, it is when you truly feel alive. You can breathe afterwards, you can look back and think about how good that felt, how much of a challenge it was to go there but all you had to do was step out in faith and out of your comfort zone.

I remember being scared to speak in front of large audiences, the thought truly made me sick. Then the time came that I had the choice to be scared or to be bold. I can’t even describe to you the feelings I had during that time. I decided to focus on what needed to be done instead of how I felt about what I was going to be doing. I made it through, while on stage I felt focused and exhilarated. Yes, I was scared but I walked through the fear anyway. And as I was leaving that day I felt something I never even knew I was missing, I felt truly alive, as if I was walking on air. I had stepped out of my comfort zone and lived to tell about it!

The unknown may be something completely different for you than it is for me. Think about what it is that your heart longs for, what dreams are you dreaming? Is fear holding you back? Then take the first step towards whatever that is and with each step that you take you will truly start to feel more alive. With each step, the fear will start to fade away and you will step into your place of truly living.





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