My Happy Place

I hope everyone is having a great weekend! We are getting ready to embark on our annual summertime beach trip! We are very blessed to have several beaches within driving distance 3-5 hours depending on how far you want to travel. The car is halfway packed already with beach chairs, towels etc. I look forward to this every year, there have been a couple of years that we have gone at Spring Break instead or both Spring & Summer. It is tradition and would not feel the same without a trip to see the ocean at some point. My kids look forward to as much as I do. My daughter lucked out and is getting to take two trips, since she already went to a beach resort on Padre Island with her Dad’s family earlier in the summer. I sometimes wonder if we will continue this tradition after both my kids are grown and have their own families. I would really like to think so.

Myself, I have a dream of living by the ocean someday and these trips make that dream feel even closer and more real. It reminds me that absolutely anything is possible. For some reason, I feel closer to God when I am by the water & that is comforting. I would love to live so close that I don’t have to plan a trip to just see the beach. I’m already imagining the sand under my feet, the ocean breeze in the air, seagulls flying overhead. There is nothing else like it and there is no place I would rather be. Maybe someday I will get to visit beaches far away in other countries but for now I am going to keep my dream alive right on the Texas coast line where the sand, sun and seashells awaits!

I hope you and your family are taking time to go on your own adventures this summer. Stay tuned for my next blog where I will share some pictures and thoughts from our trip!

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