Leaving a Legacy

My daughter and I were looking through old photo albums today. She really enjoys seeing pictures of herself, her brother and her cousins as babies and toddlers. She can tell me the story for each picture before I even have the chance to say it anymore. Seeing the pictures brings her great joy and makes […]

Look For The Helpers

Let’s face it, the world can seem really mean and violent these days. Of course there is the devastation that comes naturally from disasters but I am also talking about the kind of meanness that comes from the devastation we inflict on each other. You can hardly turn on the news anymore, it is heart wrenching […]

A Sister’s Love

I don’t think there is any other relationship or love quite like that of a sister. I have been blessed to have close relationships with all of my sisters. Throughout the years we have lived close and far apart yet no distance could ever separate us. The link between sisters is hard to describe. You can finish […]